Why YOU should learn Close Quarter Combat (CQC) Techniques

  • CQC blends self defense (Karate) techniques and close quarter pistol tactics to stop an attack or gain critical space you need to safely draw your firearm
  • Most criminal attacks are at arms length. A criminal needs to get close so they can launch their attack
  • Learn how to spot trouble before it gets too close
  • Learn simple, effective techniques to give you the space to safely draw your weapon without fear of it being taken away

Skills and techniques covered in this class

  • Develop a defensive mind-set
  • Learn weapon retention
  • Learn empty hand techniques to hopefully eliminate the need to draw a weapon
  • Creating distance to safely draw your weapon
  • Learn to use improvised weapons
  • Learn how to defend against a gun, club or knife attack
  • Learn how to battle multi-person attacks
  • Learn how to escape holds and grabs
  • Learn pressure points to disable an attacker

Course Information

Classroom Training
Black Belt instruction
Course Completion Certificate

Cost:   $60.00 per person